A dramatization in one set of Louisa M. Alcott's novel, Little Women, a story that never will grow old for its treatment of a mother's love for her children and their appreciation. Who can forget tom boy Jo and her sacrificing her glorious hair to help finance her mother's trip to Washington, when the telegram arrived saying her father was dying? Of her writing "The Christmas Play," rehearsing Amy in the fainting scene and then the playing of the drama on the fateful night when everything went wrong. Her beautiful scenes with Little Beth when they both knew the Angel of Death was hovering near? Of her going to New York, meeting Professor Bhaer in Mrs. Kirk's rooming house, their comedy courtship and ultimate marriage?

"Younger" Cast

Jo- Emily Schafer
Meg- Lauren Betz
Amy- Bethany McDaniel
Beth- Grace Jenkins
Laurie- Noah Bennett
Marmee- Jacqueline Pettigrew Blesedell
Aunt March- Amanda Betz
John Brooke- Matthew Skeens
Father- Chuck Bennett
Professor Bhaer- Alan Christy
Hannah- Alayna Storer

"Older" Cast

Jo- Elizabeth Johnson
Meg- Carly Joseph
Amy- Gaby Hawk
Beth- Sara Smith
Laurie- Jake Bennett
Marmee-Charity Graham
Aunt March-Amanda Harper
John Brooke- Shawn Murray
Father- Nick Taylor
Professor Bhaer- Alan Christy
Hannah- Allie Arms