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Based on the beloved 1946 film, this musical faithfully follows George Bailey's life from his childhood dreams to his midlife disappointments and beyond, as we all take a journey to discover whether his life has mattered at all. Cinematically scored and theatrically staged, this adaptation breathes musical life into a familiar story, while retaining the warmth, humor, and pathos of the original. A new holiday classic for devotees and newcomers alike.

(in order of appearance)

Joseph’s voice
Franklin’s voice
Clarence- an Angel
Bert- the cop
Ernie- a taxi driver
George Bailey- our hero
Joe Hepner- show owner
Mr Gower- pharmacist
Mr Martini- his wife
Harry Bailey- George’s brother
Violet Bick- George’s friend
Mother Bailey- George’s mother
Uncle Billy - George’s uncle
Cousin Tilly- Billy’s cousin
Henry Potter- the richest and meanest man in town
Potter’s goon- moves Potter in wheel chair- non speaking
Pop Bailey- George’s father
Sam Wainwright- George’s Friend
Marty Hatch- Mary’s brother
Mary (Hatch) Bailey- George’s Wife
Mayor- of Bedford Falls
Mr. Reineman- Potter’s employee
Tom- Bailey Building & Loan employee
Ruth Bailey- Harry’s wife
Mrs Hatch- Harry’s mother
Ed- Building and loan customer
Charlie- Building and loan customer
Randall- Building and loan customer
Mrs Thompson- Building and loan customer
Pete Bailey (age 9)

Janie Bailey (age 8)
Tommy Bailey (age 5)
Zuzu Bailey (age 6)(Kid’s ranges for those roles can vary a year or two each way)

Woman 5 (on Main Street)
Mr Carter- bank examiner
Shirley- the Bank Teller
Salvation Army Man